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My focus on photography is to demonstrate its use as a form of visual therapy and through time, effort, and research, I am working to define that concept as well. My intention is for my work to be collected and placed in areas where they can enlighten and inspire, radiating full of energy and illuminating one's desire.

My purpose is to live, learn, love, help, heal and educate. I provide photo, video, image, website, digital arts and media solutions for people in an effort to sustain myself.

So here it is, an ever expanding collection of my favorite photographs!

Each photo is a limited edition of just 220 lifetime prints regardless of size. Once the 220th photo print is sold, that's it, no more will be released. They are all hand titled, numbered, and signed myself.

In order to try and pay your support forward, a minimum of 10% of the proceeds from your order will go to a local charity. The charities I've selected to donate to for 2012 are and The Central PA Arthritis Foundation.

All prints are guaranteed forever, if there's ever a problem, I will replace it.

Thank you for your interest and support of ~piscean )-( delusions. Your contributions help further the cause and help fund other projects I am a part of as the support gets paid forward.